Thursday, September 1, 2016

Logistics management

Logistics is the organization, planning and realization of the forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, data and control along the entire product life cycle.

Logistics also includes receiving and processing orders, releasing goods from inventory, transporting finished goods to ultimate consumers while trying to achieve maximum customer satisfaction within the distribution channel.

For many companies, the ability to efficiently match demand and supply is the key to their success. Failure to do so could lead to loss of revenue, reduced service level, impacted reputation, and decline in the company’s market share.

Therefore, many companies are looking for effective strategies to respond to market change without significantly increasing cost, inventory or response time. This has motivated a continuous revolution of the management of logistics system.

 Logistics management is the efficient and effective management of logistics activities to meet customer’s requirements. It is unique and to some degree represents a paradox because it is concerned with one of the oldest and also newest activities of business and government.
Logistics management
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