Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Production management

Management is a distinct process consisting of activities of planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling, performed to determine and accomplish stated objectives with the use of human beings and other resources.

Production Management can be defined as the management of the conversion process, which converts land, labor, capital, and management inputs into desired outputs of goods and services. It is focus on managing production operations and resources throughout the production system.

It is also concerned with the design and the operation of systems for manufacture, transport, supply or service. When the word ‘production’ is mentioned, it brings in the things like factories, machines, equipments, assembly lines. This is nothing but things related to manufacturing.

Production Management deals with decision making related to production processes, so that the resulting goods and services are produced in accordance with the quantitative specifications and demand schedule with minimum cost.

What are the characteristics features of production system?
*Production is an organized activity.
*The system transforms the various inputs into useful outputs.
*Production system does not operate in isolation from the other organizational systems.
*There exists a feedback about the activities which is essential to control and improve system performance.
Production management     

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