Monday, February 15, 2016

Lean Supply Chain

Lean is the westernization of a Japanese concept that has carried several names. It has variously been known as the Toyota Production System, JIT, Pull manufacturing, TQM and other names.

The Lean Supply Chain regarded as rigid supply pipelines is a system of interconnected and interdependent partners that operate in unison to accomplish supply chain objectives.

Lean supply chains use a fixed streamlined approach with dedicated links and long-term trusting relationships. This supply chains emphasize the meeting of customer requirements in an efficient manner.

An efficient lean supply chain can not only be used to improve the aforementioned financial and operational aspects of a business but it can also be used as a competitive tool.

A lean supply chain exemplifiers the behavior of an ideal supply chain, a supply chain in which key process are integrated among all the supply chain enterprise, and the final product or service is delivered to the end user rapidly, economically and in a seamless manner.

Since lean supply chains can better adapt to changing customer needs and deliver products quickly, the enterprises in the lean supply chain should expect a superior financial performance relative to their competitors.
Lean Supply Chain

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